Calligraphy Lessons

I mainly focus on Traditional Pointed Pen Calligraphy Scripts, which include Spencerian Script, Engrosser's Script/Roundhand, and Copperplate Style for the Private Course. Other seasonal classes (Festive Seasons creativity classes) are provided in my seasonal workshops. Mentorship for Traditional Scripts with project, assignments and certificate of merit is also available by appointment only. 

Learn traditional calligraphy scripts or modern calligraphy through a private class, One-on-One Online class or Direct on spot one-on-one course). Starts from A$100/session (3 hours per session.) With full personal attention, and details.

Click to check out more informations about the courses. Basic materials will be given at discounted price.


Workshop will be held both for occasional, private group, or nonprofit organizational workshop. Seats are limited. Check out the events calendars for more informations.

Click title "The Workshop" to see the schedule.

Mentorship programs for traditional scripts are available by request only (Consists of 8 sessions (1-2 years program) with flexible time given /unlimited to both me and the students to arrange the learning sessions. Complete materials, details, and standard/gilded certificate will be given in this program. 

Click the title "Mentorship Program" to learn more about the curriculum.

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