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Spencerian Foundation - Ocala Calligraphy Guild

Class Description

Welcome to the Spencerian Foundation Workshop as a Major Workshop for the Ocala Calligraphy Guild. If you receive the link to "Join Program", you are a participant in this workshop and also a member of the class portal. To watch the recording, Please click "Request to Join" below to access the class portal. Log in with the email you used to "create your new password" from the previous email, or use your Gmail account. -- DO NOT SIGN UP in the website again You only need to change your password if you don't have a Gmail account. You will get: — 90 days of Access to the video. — You can join to work on each assignment each week. — Handouts and Class notes are also available each week. — Similarly, you will be included in the Slack Group, and I will give you detailed feedback if you post your homework each week. Due to Slack's regulation for free access, the users can access the group discussion for 90 days. Happy Writing! Martha



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