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Spencerian Twist (Replays 2022)

  • 4Weeks

Class Description

A fun Spencerian Variation for Beginning Intermediate - Advanced study, following the rules in Spencerian to create your Spencerian Style. This is a replay video from the 2022 course that happened around the mid of January to early February of 2022, and you can start to watch the class right away once you make the payment. You will get: — Lifetime Access to the video. — You can join to work on each assignment each week. — Handout and Class note is also available each week. — Similarly, you will be included in the Slack Group, and I will give you detailed feedback if you post your homework each week. — We will have ONE additional LIVE 1-1 session after you finish all the sessions to give you a wrap-up, discussing your struggles.



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