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Learn From Me

Personalised private one-on-one or group class.
For online or direct session.

These private classes are for those who have a busy schedule in life or live far away from any workshops that is available and want to learn calligraphy method directly from me.

All topics are available for private one-on-one class or private group class. Class can be conducted in-person by appointment which is available through personal meeting in Sydney, Australia or online via Google Hangout, Skype or FaceTime for those who live outside of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Full feedback and suggestions of areas that need to be improved will be given through forum, email or online messenger. Check out the details to learn more about the difference between private course, mentorship program, scholarship, and private group course and get in touch with me if you have any question or ready to apply for one.


/ The Scripts & Style

All classes are booked through appointment (Contact me for more information)

Deep Dive and Jive with the Oval

flourished dance in oval form for all levels

Classic Copperplate

A basic Copperplate study in traditional methods

Introduction to Spencerian

Elegant Spencerian Series: Learn the Basic of Traditional Spencerian

Come Away with Calligraphy

Basic calligraphy for beginner

Waltz in Copperplate Style

A fun learning of Copperplate variation and flourishes with arm movement writing.

Spencerian Script Intensive Class

Elegant Spencerian Series: An intensive study of Traditional Spencerian to modern hand in depth for Intermediate - Advanced

Learning the Blues in Pointed Pen

Basic pointed pen calligraphy for the beginner

Spencerian Twist

Elegant Spencerian Series: A Spencerian Variation for Intermediate - Advanced study

Dance with Spencerian

Elegant Spencerian Series: Penmanship study for Intermediate - Advanced combination of Capital variation and flourishes

/ Testimonial

Excellent Class

Martha gave very thorough and clear explanation on every stroke, she gave almost real time feedback which is very helpful when I needed to ask something during my practice time, she adjusted her way for teaching to make me better understand, and she is very generous of her time and knowledge.

Jewel Chan

Excellent Class

It was a great time, lot of attention to the details. Martha provided all information for the successful practice, and cared about whole process. I appreciate for her time and all the things she taught and generously shared with me. It's really great class, all video, materials, explanations and reviews changed my mind and level of attention.

Sasha K (miu_ium)

Martha Laurens

Martha started her art, lettering & calligraphy journey in oil painting in 1990's, continued her passion in design in fashion industry, and western calligraphy since 2013 with cursive writing on her wedding day In New Zealand, she was then moving on to modern calligraphy & part time learning on traditional scripts in the USA. Later in the mid-late of 2014, early of 2015, started teaching modern calligraphy online due to nomad life, and travels constantly, so she also started fully focus study in Traditional Spencerian Script and Engrosser's Script / Copperplate / Roundhand. In 2016, while still continue study the traditional script from several master penmen & professional artists in the US, she began adding her focus study to monogram design, and 2018 in gilding / Illumination design / traditional fine art painting. In 2020, She is the first IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting) Certification in Excellence for Spencerian in Australia, and currently the chairwoman of Sydney Scribes Society in Australia.

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