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Online personalized private session or online group session.

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Personalized online class will be taught one-on-one directly by appointment via Google Hangout Meet for those who live outside of New South Wales area or overseas. Full feedback and suggestions of areas that need to be improved will be given through email or online messenger. The class has flexible schedule following the time that was chosen by the students with a total 4 sessions (4 hours/session) which covers the introduction, lowercase, uppercase and variations. Each students will have different approach, my personalize guidelines and recorded short video regarding their questions or problems that one is facing will be given within the 4 sessions course. 

All you need to have is the basic materials that are mentioned in the introduction page, the guide sheets that can be downloaded from the study page (further guide sheet will be given during the lesson), video chat Google Hangout Meet and a fast internet speed.


We Will Learn

Session 1
Basic Introduction of the history, the tools, materials, and exercises. Including the difference of arm movement methods, the oval theory, basic drills, and how to do self-practice at home.


Session 2
Learning in details about the Lowercase letter form individually, with details from a lot of different methods, train our eyes to understand and see the form both for certification or for gestural purposes.


Session 3
Details learning of the Uppercase letter form or Capitals with the oval theory, basic oval form, and tips and trick how to practice at home for the capitals, and how to train our eyes to understand the key behind the letterform.


Session 4
Specifically learning about the shading, spacing, learning how to create variations in each letterform and combine the letterform in words and sentences with simple flourishes. 

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