Full Private Courses

A shorter version to mentorship program, to help you to learn from the foundation and slowly built up your skill within your pace to reach your goal.

A full private course is a shorter class version of the Mentorship Program Course. Similar to the Mentorship program, the course will help you to become more of who you already are, bring out the talent and ability within you and show you what you can do. It is not about how the past masters have done it, not about how people do it or how I did it; It is about how you do it. 

In the Full Private course, a student chooses one of the script styles to start with.
We are focusing on a whole foundation through a script. A flexible learning method on how to find and follow the student's study than how I study. You will get a strong foundation based on 50% from the traditional books, 40% of the method that I created based on my research, and 10% of the general studies.


/Goal Based Program

We will start with a focus on fundamental knowledge, consistency in rhythm, confidence in strokes, natural movement in the traditional script, understanding of the history, intensive study in detail letterform proportion, pen grip, sitting position, writing space, several methods, and exercises.

We'll learn
the why, how, where, and details in each stroke, distinguish between studying for a certification or fun writing and looking at the script from a different perspective. In addition, it will help you find your practice and writing process. 

Because the subjects are tailored for each student, the options of the goal also can be varied: 

- Spencerian/Other Script/art for Teaching
A guide for the student to create their content and details of the teaching style when they finish the class

- Spencerian/Other Script/art for a hobby

A more relaxing learning style (focus more on the fun than the details, learning how to break the rules for fun

- Spencerian/Other Script/art for simply want to be good
Slightly strict learning, I will guide the student in-depth but also help them to have fun with the script/art


The orientation of the Spencerian that I teach is 50% from the book, 10% of what I have learned, and 40% from my method that is not in the book or any other teacher’s method. The idea is for students to be able to see and analyse their work without criticising the work.


-- Movements Analysis --
(A combination between the traditional method and my method, differences of movements not just about the arm/finger/wrist movement, but also other types of movements).

-- Basic Strokes Analysis --
Choice of Minuscule or Majuscule

(Learn the rules & analyse the basic strokes and elements, understanding the differences in several types of proportions both from the traditional books and my method of analytical guide).


-- Writing, Spacing & Shading Analysis --

(Learn to analyse your writing based on my several methods of rhythm practice).



-- Minuscule letterforms Analysis --
Choice of short letterform/semi extended to loop letterform 

(Learn the rules & analyse through different methods, including my method of practice than the book that I use in working on my script)

-- Majuscule Letterform Analysis --
Choice of 5-13 letterforms

(Learn the rules & analyse through different methods, including my method of practice than the book that I use in working on my script)

-- Teaching as Professional Consultation --
Learn to bring the best of your style and understand the key point based on your teaching style Goal

The Benefit

The class will run until you can understand the script regardless of the session mentioned when you registered for the class (the more commitment to practice, the faster the class to finish) or create a style that you want or till you reach your goal.

When one finishes the class and wants to continue to another topic of study, students will get a 50% discount on the next classes they choose.