/Maria Helena Seastone Online Class 2020

To ensure there is time to critique everyone’s work:

  • You will need a Dropbox Account login to upload your homework 

  • If you received a message in RED "The folder ‘/Seastones/Seastone Files (Stu...’ doesn’t exist." please ignore the message and go to the step below.

  • "Seastone Files (Students)" Will be in your account: Files --> Shared --> (if you have not add this file to your dropbox account, please click "Add") 

  • Be sure that you are using the same email with the link of Dropbox that Debbie sent you on September 19th

  • Please send homework by Wednesday 9 PM CST to give Maria time to print before the next class.

  • Please name your jpeg with your name so we know who it is (ex. “Debbie Wong_Week1”). If you want to be anonymous, that’s fine and you’ll name your jpeg however you want.

  • Please keep your work to four lines maximum

  • Submit lettering on white paper because Maria will print out the work in black and white

  • Please send a picture or a high-res scan of your homework facing up, not at an angle. Maria needs to print it out to critique you properly.

Click here to Upload your homework  (please upload the files to the weekly folder accordingly)

If you upload from your Dropbox Account: (Please read below instruction carefully)

  1.  Open your Dropbox account through browser,

  2. Choose "Files" >> Click  “Shared Folder” >> then choose  “Seastone Homework (upload here)” folder

  3.  Click  “Week 2 (Oct 2nd)" folder

  4. There are TWO options to upload your file here: 

  • First, Click "Upload File" on Week 2 folder page. The button is on the right side of the page

  • Second, Drag & Drop your file directly from your computer to that page.

If you still have problems with uploading homework in dropbox, you may send email to both of us. martha@marthascribes.com and debbiewongdesign@gmail.com

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