Martha Scribes and The Artist

Martha Scribes was founded in 2002 in the midst of small projects that were done under the previous name of Yovie Martha Lin serving as my signature in all of my artworks since childhood, and then changed to Martha Days in 2013 for which the name came to mean "my works all day". In 2018, I finally settled for good with the name Martha Scribes. Martha Scribes are currently focusing on calligraphy art, handicraft or handmade goods and design, including sharing calligraphy knowledge through workshops taught by myself, and some professional calligraphers and Master penmen.
With support from friends and families, I intend to expand the art and calligraphy services worldwide. 

I am currently based in Sydney, Australia and the Owner of Scribes and Beyond Shop and Studio. A brick and mortar Art & Calligraphy supply shop and studio in the middle of one of the crowded cities in Inner West, Marrickville.

If you are interested in my works or want to collaborate with me or looking for calligraphy information, just click the button at the bottom-left corner to leave me a message or just click here

Information is free, knowledge is priceless. So learning from many teachers that including your talented friends although they discussed the same script with each other is one of my mottos, and what I learned by living nomad, and that's how you can broaden your eyes & improve your knowledge with lots of methods in one script style.  


     I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. I started my art, design, lettering & calligraphy journey in oil painting in the 1990s. I continued my passion for design in the fashion industry and western calligraphy in 2013 with cursive writing. After that, I changed my focus to modern calligraphy & traditional scripts in the USA.

      Later in mid-late 2014 and early 2015, I started teaching modern calligraphy online due to her constant nomad life and travels. I also started a focused study in Typography, Graphology and Traditional Calligraphy Scripts, including Foundational hand, Spencerian Script and Engrosser's Script / Copperplate / Roundhand. While studying the traditional script from several master penmen & professional artists in the US, 
including a class with Advanced Spencerian Saga that was held for an entire week in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio, in October 2016, I added my focus on logo and branding, graphic design, monogram design and, in 2018, gilding / Illumination design / traditional fine art painting.

      I have been an active member of both ASOC (Australian Society of Calligraphy) since July 2018 and IAMPETH (The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting) since March 2015. I have achieved three certifications from the IAMPETH:

IAMPETH CERTIFICATE of PROFICIENCY (2019) in Spencerian Script
IAMPETH CERTIFICATE of EXCELLENCE (2020) in Spencerian Script,
IAMPETH CERTIFICATE of PROFICIENCY (2021) in Border (Art and Illumination). 

     I am known for teaching the Foundation to Pointed Pen Calligraphy, Traditional Spencerian Script, and Copperplate style, as well as analysing handwriting (graphology), creating logos and branding packages for private clients around the world for small businesses and corporate. For on-site writing service, my Client includes LVMH Group, Chaumet Jewelry Australia, TAG Heuer Australia, etc. I was also one of the brand artists for Ferris Wheel Press Luxury fountain pen stationery and Sakura Australia.

    After doing some new research in 2018, I created a unique script style based on Spencerian, which I called SPENCERIAN TWIST. I was one of the instructors for the IAMPETH VIRTUAL conference in 2021, Calligraphy Italia and ASC - Australian Society of Calligraphers for pointed pen (Spencerian and Spencerian Twist) Class.