The Private Courses

Both online personalized private session or online group session.

This private classes are for those who have a busy schedule in life and still want to learn calligraphy method directly from the artist or live far from any workshops that available. The idea is to make people to be interested in doing beautiful writing. Please note that current direct one-to-one private classes are only available in Sydney, Australia. For others outside Sydney who seeks to learn the scripts, please check my online classes that are available from time to time by appointment.

/ Personalised Course

Personalised class will be taught one-on-one directly by appointment which is available through personal meeting in Sydney, Australia or Via Google Hangout, Skype or FaceTime for those who live outside of New South Wales area. Full feedback and suggestions of areas that need to be improved will be given through email or online messenger. The class has flexible schedule following the time that was chosen by the students with a total 4 sessions (4 to 5 hours each session) which covers lowercase, uppercase and variations. Each students will have different approach, my personalised guidelines and recorded short video regarding their questions or problems that one is facing will be given within the 4 sessions course. 

All you need to have is the basic materials that are mentioned in the introduction page, the guide sheets that can be downloaded from the study page (further guide sheet will be given during the lesson), video chat app (Google Hangout / Zoom) and a fast internet speed.
​Yes, that easy and fun! What are you waiting for? Let's start to write!


The Benefit

The full 4 sessions intensive class, total of more than 16 hours learning, includes basic materials & short additional videos if you do the personal meeting in Sydney area; or if you do the online private course, you will get both the pdf, short videos and the original additional handout which will be shipped to you without any additional charges. For in-person class, the full price will be discounted if you are using your own basic materials.

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