Mentorship Program

A private one-on-one course. Unlimited Sessions (3 hours each).

  • 3 hours
  • Price on application
  • Google Hangout Meet

Class Descriptions

Learn your Script of choice in details through live streaming/chat. Unlimited flexible sessions for 3 years study in total, each session can be separated into 2 - 3 session following the student’s pace. - Class is divided into 3 parts which will include research. (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) - Unlimited time for meeting sessions and consultations. - Downloadable Practice Workbook & its additional details. - Additional short video per student’s request. - There will be assignment for each session. - Online demo notes, additional demo notes will be shipped to the student after the class is finished. The class is suitable for you who are interested to learn the depth of your chosen script, or if you are looking to submit your certification in your desirable organization, I would be more than happy to guide you in your practice. **** If you take the Private one-on-one course, you can take the second year of the mentorship program with additional cost. **** Please contact me for more details about this program. Note: All price is in Australian Dollar. Installment is allowed. Students may reschedule the date & time after registration. Please email or message me if you would like to reschedule.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

NOTES: Registration is first come first serve basis. Please allow 3-5 business day after registration to get the link to the private classroom. Class details, Handouts, practice workbook will be posted 3 days before the class. MUST DO AFTER PAYMENT: Sign up to my website (link is on top right corner) to request access to the classroom hallway. You will have your own personalised page during class. RESCHEDULE & CANCELLATION: To reschedule your appointment, please contact me directly. No refund for workshops or class cancellation. *** PUT in the Message BOX IF: -- INSTALMENT Payment: ---- If you want to pay instalment payment. Click "Book", choose "manual payment/bank transfer", put in the message box that you want to make instalment payment. There will be additional charge of each payment if you choose this and I will send a separate invoice for each payment. -- PAYPAL Payment If you choose to pay using PayPal, since it will be using my US account, I will send separate invoice, but there'll be additional 3% PayPal charge and the cost will be charge in USD. Any other question, but you want to secure your seat, choose bank transfer and email me to

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Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

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