/The Private Courses

These private classes are for those who have a busy schedule in life and still want to learn the calligraphy method directly from the artist or live far from any workshops that are available. The idea is to make people be interested in doing beautiful writing. Please note that current direct one-to-one private classes are only available in Sydney, Australia. For others outside Sydney who seek to learn the scripts, please check my online classes that are available from time to time by appointment.


/ Personalised Learning

I separate the course into TWO types. The personalised class will be taught one-on-one directly by appointment which is available through personal meetings in Sydney, Australia or through a Virtual Meeting for those who live outside of the New South Wales area. Full feedback and suggestions of areas that need to be improved will be given through email or online messenger.
This GOAL Based program will help you either to refine one particular area of your study or create your own script style or learn a new method to help you to reach your goal for a specific script.