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Traditional Spencerian

An intensive study of Traditional Spencerian to modern hand in depth for Intermediate - Advanced. To understand the more details than just the basic.


Spencerian was developed by Platt. R. Spencer, the father of Spencerian Penmanship in 19th century. This is an intensive class where we will understand the history of Spencerian Penmanship, the hand and arm movement, the use of the technique with our senses, the connection of its strokes and letterform with nature, how to move your hand with flow naturally, adding elegance in the shading and spacing naturally, how to look and understand the letterform in details, how to see the letterform using multiple methods, the technique of pen/nib tilting/manipulation and how to work on the light hand.

In this class you will also learn to know the why and how to make the 'oomph'.

This class is an intensive class, suitable for those who are learning for IAMPETH Certification Program.

/ Elegant Spencerian

"Study, then, the fair page of Nature, that the mind may filled with forms of beauty, if you would learn to write with elegance and grace" -- Platt R. Spencer

Who Can Join

It is recommended that you have already known the basics in pointed pen calligraphy. This class is designed for students who have just begun pointed pen calligraphy or Spencerian Script or for those who are planning to pursue the IAMPETH certification of Spencerian Script.

We Will Learn

The details of the basic strokes by analyzing the lowercase and uppercase letterform of traditional Spencerian Script from the very beginning, including: 

  • Techniques in sitting positions, hand movement, writing positions and pen grip.

  • The historic structures and variations in the script.

  • How to modify the 'soft angular turn' in the letterform.

  • Letterform composition, algorithm, design and how to apply it naturally.

  • Different techniques and methods.

  • Shading in-depth.

  • The oval theory application in letterform and movement writing.

  • Pen and nib tilting / manipulation in letterform.

  • Techniques of movement writing with natural ease.

  • How to practice the light hand and use your personal method to practice.

  • How to modify the historic hand and adapt to the modern hand.

  • Develop and create your own practice and methods. 

The classes can be separated between the lowercase and uppercase in a group class. 

Class Fee:

Lowercase Class Fee: AUD 350,- / 4 days (Total 12 hours)

Uppercase Class Fee: AUD 350,- / 4 days (Total 12 hours)

Bundled Lowercase & Uppercase Fee: AUD 625,- (Total 24 hours)

Click bold sentence above to sign up. IF the link above did not work, means the class is fully booked.

Class is first come first serve basis, the space for each workshop are limited to 5 to 6 students ONLY for a full cover of teacher - students time during each session as if I was there in front of you, please send me an email to directly for class availability, instalment payment or any other payment methods.

Martha Laurens

Martha started her art, lettering & calligraphy journey in oil painting in 1990's, continued her passion in design in fashion industry, and western calligraphy since 2013 with cursive writing on her wedding day In New Zealand, she was then moving on to modern calligraphy & part time learning on traditional scripts in the USA. Later in the mid-late of 2014, early of 2015, started teaching modern calligraphy online due to nomad life, and travels constantly, so she also started fully focus study in Traditional Spencerian Script and Engrosser's Script / Copperplate / Roundhand. In 2016, while still continue study the traditional script from several master penmen & professional artists in the US, she began adding her focus study to monogram design, and 2018 in gilding / Illumination design / traditional fine art painting. In 2020, She is the first IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting) recipient from Australia who received the Certification in Excellence for Spencerian, and currently the chairwoman of Sydney Scribes Society in Australia.

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