Traditional Spencerian

An intensive study of Traditional Spencerian to modern hand in depth for Intermediate - Advanced. To understand the more details than just the basic.


Spencerian was developed by Platt. R. Spencer, the father of Spencerian Penmanship in 19th century. This is an intensive class where we will understand the history of Spencerian Penmanship, the hand and arm movement, the use of the technique with our senses, the connection of its strokes and letterform with nature, how to move your hand with flow naturally, adding elegance in the shading and spacing naturally, how to look and understand the letterform in details, how to see the letterform using multiple methods, the technique of pen/nib tilting/manipulation and how to work on the light hand.

In this class you will also learn to know the why and how to make the 'oomph'.

This class is an intensive class, suitable for those who are learning for IAMPETH Certification Program.