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Spencerian Twist

/ Elegant Spencerian Style




4 Sessions (Total 10 hours)
3 Sessions for the Replay + 1 Session of Live Session

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About the Course

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This hand is actually the result of a fun project that I did after learning so many scripts. The script is based on the historical hand from 15th - 18th century with my favourite Traditional Spencerian Script from 19th century.

This class is designed for intermediate to advanced students who have experience in Spencerian Script or for those who are planning to learn how to move your hand naturally in a flow with confidence in this variation.

If you are a beginner in spencerian, or only have a copperplate knowledge, you may try to join the class, we will still learn about the rules in basic Spencerian Script, but we will not study the script  intensively.

Have a knowledge of Spencerian might help you, but it is not a mandatory.

You will Learn

/ Elegant Spencerian Style

  • The basic strokes of the lowercase/uppercase letterform in this twist from the history

  • The combination from the Twist to the variations,

  • Hand movement, & pen grip, pen rotation 

  • Variations in the hand, 

  • The oval theory, 

  • Letterform composition and movement writing in upright form shading and spacing in a lot more detail in flourishes and its variation.

  • Tips and trick to write more naturally

  • How to break the Spencerian basic Rules.

  • How to create an artwork with this hand.

Notes: There is a possibility of additional hours for last assignment depends on class requests.

Spencerian Twist
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