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Art and Calligraphy
Private Lessons

Personalised private one-on-one or group class.
For online or in-person class sessions.

"Information is free, and knowledge is priceless. Relax yet mindful learning of the foundation can broaden your eyes & improve your knowledge with many methods in one script style, including its art. And that's what we will do in our class—we are learning to catch what your eyes can see—everyone has a different method of learning. The freedom to learn not only through books or my perspective but also yours, mindfully."



All classes are available in both in-person and live virtual sessions.

Private Group Class

A Virtual Group Class

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Click here to see available Online Group Classes or In-Person Group Class

Script Style


Excellent Class - Intensive Spencerian Analysis 2021

I like how thorough and detailed orientated the workshop’s structure is. The workshop handouts are very useful, too (especially for personal study after the classes). I like all the recorded videos and handouts. It definitely met my expectations. I hope to learn the script in great detail, and you, Martha, did a great job!  It has helped me a lot to practice for my IAMPETH Certification!

Kalo Chu, Hong Kong (IG @kalomakeart)

Martha Laurens

Martha is the creator of Fun Scripts for all levels, the Spencerian Twist and Dancing with Spencerian. She learned her calligraphy in the USA and the UK through Brighton Calligraphy Studio, run by Ewan Clayton as her mentor, and Illuminated Manuscript courses at King's Foundation School of Traditional Art in London. She has also achieved three International Proficiency and Excellence certifications in Art and Penmanship from the IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penman, Engravers and Teachers of Handwriting).

With a background in Art her whole life and a career in apparel design, graphic design, and teaching for decades, she shares her knowledge through virtual demos on social media, monthly panel talks and calligraphy meetups at her studio to encourage young people to preserve the art of Calligraphy and Penmanship.

She is well known for teaching the Foundation to Pointed Pen Calligraphy Roundhand and Spencerian to help people create their writing style, as well as one of the Instructor of IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penman Engrossers and Teacher of Handwriting)'s Virtual Class 2021, Calligraphy Italia and Australian Society of Calligrapher. Martha Scribe's focus on Typography, Handwriting analysis, Business Signature, Corporate Branding, Graphic Design, and Traditional Scripts, including Foundational hand, Spencerian Script and Engrosser's Script / Copperplate / Roundhand, Illuminated Manuscript design, Cursive Writing and Fine Art painting in both traditional and contemporary design. 

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