Spencerian Penmanship

It is such a privilege that I am able to learn this script from many teachers, and that includes Master Penman Michael Sull and Master Pen Woman Harvest Crittenden and other talented friends, calligraphers and artists. 

Early February 2020, I hosted a workshop taught by MP Michael Sull in Sydney, Australia. Michael shared one of the Doner scrapbook for all of the students so they are able to see, study, learn, analyze and be inspired by the beauty of Spencerian Script.

During a discussion with Michael, it is such an honor for me to be allowed to scan all of the Doner Scrapbook that he brought to Sydney, and share with all of you in here, and made it public for all of his students, my students, and you who are interested in learning or analyzing the script. We have no other purpose than to spread Spencerian Script in both penmanship and calligraphy than just merely a cursive handwriting. 

The scrapbook of Penmanship Images from the Charles Doner Collection is strictly for Personal Study Only, and not for republication or any kind that is to be reproduced or reprinted for commercial purpose. 

  Images are used with permission from Michael Sull, Master Penman.

These handwriting specimens are the entirety of Master Penman Charles Doner’s (1875-1955)

personal Penmanship Scrapbook, which was gifted to Mr. Sull by Doner’s grandson, A. David Low, in 2000. They are herewith offered by Martha Laurens of Scribes and Beyond for inspiration, information, study, and encouragement. 


/ Letter from Master Penman Michael Sull

To my Students and Friends,
The following images constitute The Charles Doner Scrapbook Collection. Through the generosity of Mr. Doner's grandson, Mr. David Low, I am very proud to share it with you!
February 10th, 2020, Michael Sull

Due to the huge file, we separated the files into different categories. Please make sure that you have a high speed internet service to download, or if you are living in Sydney area and would like to have the original huge files, you may send me your USB flash disk for me to download, 







/ Art & Calligraphy

Study Group

Online study group talk to discuss about any kind of scripts (Arts, American Cursive, Spencerian Script, and Copperplate) and to refine your script is available. Everyone is welcome to join the study group, it's free of charge, however since the space are limited, please register by clicking the link on the left side. Thank you!


 It is a script style that was used in United States from 1850 - 1925. P. R. Spencer was the originator of the penmanship style and system, develop a unique 'oval-based' handwriting style that can be written very quick but legible. 

    The Script was continued afterwards by Master Penman Michael Sull,who was a Master Penman from Zaner-Bloser (former Zanerian College of Penmanship) and a former director of the Master Penmanship program IAMPETH. He then established an annual week-long seminar in Geneva, Ohio (P.R. Spencer's hometown) on 1987 as his dedication in the Script which named as Spencerian Saga. Continuing the works of Master Penman  Michael Sull, Spencerian Saga is now fully directed by Master Penman Harvest Crittenden. ​

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