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A Goal-Based Study Programme

For private one-on-one courses or mentorship Programme
For online or in-person direct sessions.

Through some requests from my former private students in 2017 to continue their study in both historical and modern script with me,  a Goal Based programme was finally fully developed, focusing on one's needs in their calligraphy journey.

For those interested in joining this programme, there are some details you might want to read on this page, or you can contact me to ask for more information.

Focusing on developing the fundamental skills of each student individually

I believe that everyone has a different method of learning. In this program, we are building the essential knowledge of several calligraphy skills and how to approach and develop the learning technique that fits your lifestyle and way of thinking.

The goal-based mentorship program is a program that goes both ways, where I will help you to build your confidence in learning one skill not just through the strokes in calligraphy but also Calligraphy as art and therapy to help you to understand how your moves affect your artwork when you create something in art or calligraphy. 

038 MARTHA LAURENS-2_edited.jpg

The purpose of this program is not only to learn from many different books but also from other traditional methods and how they could fit into your lifestyle, not only my method, style and how I approach art, calligraphy and design but to practice and find your method & technique. We are also not merely learning one script or any particular script but different perspectives. It is more to guide you in your study and build your confidence, how to evolve from the traditional context and the reasoning. It is more than what is correct or wrong, but to enjoy the process.


Starting with the two terms programme, where we focus on first term to build your fundamental knowledge from scratch until it is finished, following your pace of study.

During the first term, we will also build up consistency in rhythm, confidence in strokes, natural movement in the traditional script, understanding the history, intensive study in detail letterform proportion, pen grip, sitting position, writing space, several methods, and exercises similar to the private course will be more details. We'll learn the details in each stroke (the why, how, where, and the what), distinguish study for certification or fun writing, looking at the script from different perspectives. In addition, it will help you find your practice and writing process. 

The second term is the additional study that focuses on creating elegant writing. We'll continue the understanding in Your art/script of choice/Spencerian to Ornamental analysis, variations (including Spencerian Twist or Copperplate Style and other script styles), flourishing, how to make a connection, how to combine various historical scripts, creating art, your method, composition, or it depends on what you want to learn. We could also have more art projects. It is more on the research to create your style and have a fun practice. There will be a 2-3 month break before we start the second term.


At the end of this second term, we'll create a final piece, a certificate of completion. There are several options for the certification or to make your script style, and we will discuss them when we enter the second year. 

Programme Fee. Because different scripts have different approaches, I divided the price into three types. The monthly based meeting with a monthly payment, pay by term/foundation script, and a one-time payment for the entire term. Please contact me or click the button below for more information.

In-Studio Programme Plan

  • Mentorship Basic

    Every month
    Learn everything you want in-person/virtual session
    • Lifetime Streaming Access for recorded session(Online class)
    • Downloadable Handouts/practice workbook (Online Class)
    • Unlimited Materials is provided (For the In-Person Class)
    • The Handout/Workbook is provided directly (In-Person Class)
    • Personalised Handouts & Folder
    • Personalised detailed feedbacks
    • Direct contact with me through WhatsApp/chat
    • Monthly meeting session
    • 2-3 hours per session
    • Cancel anytime
  • Best Value

    Mentorship Core

    Learn the focus subject you want in-person/virtual session
    • Lifetime Access of Recorded Session for (Online Class)
    • Downloadable Handouts/Workbook (Online Class)
    • Unlimited Material usage for (In-Person Class)
    • The Handout/Workbook is provided directly (In-Person Class)
    • Personalised Handout and Folder
    • Personalised Detailed Feedback
    • Direct contact with me through WhatsApp/chat
    • Flexible Meeting Sessions (Anytime)
    • 2-4 hours meeting time per session
    • Follow your pace of study until the curriculum is finished
    • Focus on Particular Subject/Script
    • One time Payment
  • Mentorship Deluxe

    Unlimited learning everything you want in-person/Online
    • Lifetime access of recorded session (Online Session)
    • Downloadable Handout/Practice Workbook (Online Session)
    • Unlimited Material usage (In-Person Session)
    • Printed Handout & Practice Workbook is provided (In-Person)
    • Personalised Handout & Folder
    • Personalised Detailed Feedback
    • Direct Contact through WhatsApp/Chat
    • Flexible Meeting Session (Anytime)
    • 2-4 hours meeting time per session
    • Follow your goal and your pace of study
    • Learn Everything that you choose from the foundation
    • Flexibility to change the subject in the middle
    • Two Terms total (Basic to Intermediate and Advance)
    • Learn until the subject is finished
    • One Time Payment

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