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In-Person Group Class

After a few years of finding the perfect studio separated from my home office, we finally settled in a humble corner on Glebe Point Road beside the University of Sydney and Broadway Shopping Center. Our store and studio are currently under renovation, and we will open up soon in June. Stay Tuned. Find available classes, leave your email at the bottom of the page, or email me any questions. 

"The connection of movement in art and nature is the stillness of a feeling expressed through the abstract wording and painting in fine and thoughtful artwork. It is my mission to bring my students' and clients' visions to life in my unique style & methods."



Currently, the available class is the replay video from the previous online private group class.

  • Private Group. Fun learning of Traditional Spencerian for beginners.


    265 Australian dollars
  • In-Person Group Class (Every Sunday, 5 Nov - 27 Nov, 2023)


    950 Australian dollars
  • In-Person Group Class (Every Sunday, Starts 9 January - 31 January)


    950 Australian dollars

/ Workshop Testimonials


I loved learning a new script, it was so much fun. I also liked how we could communicate via slack in between classes and the homework tasks gave structure. The homework was given lots of really useful feedback and I found this very helpful. I really enjoyed this class and I learnt a lot, I am really pleased with my progress and that is all down to Martha’s teaching. Thank you!

Katy May

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