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The Blues and Jazz in Spencerian (Replays 2022)

  • 6Weeks

Class Description

This class have been designed for any student who has learned Spencerian Script, either self-taught, from me or any other teachers, and wantedknowearn more about details in refining the letterform, spacing or have a purpose of learning Spencerian for Accuracy combining it with the arm movement writing. It is the PM class' replay video from the recent Six-week course session from February to March 2022. The replay video might be slightly shorter than the entire live session. The homework discussion for all students lasted an hour before the session started. You will get: — Lifetime Access to the video. — You can join to work on each assignment each week. — Handout and Class note is also available each week. — Similarly, you will be included in the Slack Group, and I will give you detailed feedback if you post your homework each week. — We will have ONE additional LIVE 1-1 session after you finish all the sessions to give you a wrap-up, discussing your struggles. Material that will be used in the class: Pencil & coloured pencils/pen (at least prepare five colours, the more, the better) Nikko G Nib or similar stiff nib Oblique pen holder or favourite holder Loose-leaf Smooth paper above 85gsm/60lbs (if you are going to print and write directly) Canson Pro Layout/ Clairfontaine / Rhodia pad) If it is hard to find a good one due to humid weather and you would like to write and print on the same paper, you can try my Atelier paper that is available in our store here.



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