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Spencerian Twist 2024 (AM)

Class Description

A fun Spencerian Variation for Beginning Intermediate - Advanced study, following the rules in Spencerian to create your Spencerian Style. You will get: - Up to 12 hours of Live Class Sessions (4 days sessions) - Downloadable Handout - Private Study Group in Slack App for announcements and homework posts - Demo notes The class will be recorded, and you can stream it alone. - If you missed it, lifetime streaming access is available to rewatch the replay class session. - There is an assignment after each session. - Unlimited personalised, detailed feedback will be given during and after the class. Materials: - Pointed Nib: Hunt 101, LPEF (Nikko G / Titanium G is recommended) - Pen holder: Any favourite oblique or straight holder (recommended oblique holder) - Inks: (Optional) Any Red Gouache, Black Gouache, Any Black ink such as Higgins/Walnut ink - Papers: For practice: 9x12 Canson Pro Layout (US) / Other Countries: A4 Canson XL Marker - Purple colour / A4 Canson Bleedproof 70gsm / such as HP Premium for US; Double A / Paper One / Aussie - J.Burrow 100gsm / Any smooth paper / John Neal Graph paper / Rhodia (Black) Premium Graph Pad No.18 - A4 (8.25 x 11.75 inches) - For Artwork (Optional): (USA) Borden And Riley #37 Boris Marker Layout Bright White Translucent Bond Pad, 14" x 17", 13. 5 lb. / Any translucent paper/tracing paper - For Artwork (Optional): A5 (USA — 5” x 7”) Fabriano Art



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