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Dance with Spencerian

/ Elegant Spencerian Style


AUD 250,-


3 Sessions (Total 6 hours)

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About the Course

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Spencerian script and  penmanship is known for its arm movement writing. We will combine the traditional scripts with the variation in the capital letterform, then continue to all movements methods with various techniques and exercises. We will also modify the traditional hand and adapt it for modern use, refining the technique and design of letters and its flourishes, studying the shading and modifying the historic movement, learning the important differences between “pen and nib tilting/rotation” on flourishes and the letterform.

Everyone who have already known the basics in pointed pen calligraphy. This class is designed for students who have experience in Copperplate or Spencerian Script or for those who are planning to learn how to move your hand naturally in a flow with confidence. 

You will Learn

/ Elegant Spencerian Style

  • Historic hand and arm movements exercise.

  • Learning the difference in pen and nib rotation in variation and flourishes.

  • How to create an artful flourishing with spencerian writing with natural flow.

  • Refine the technique, design and letters.

  • Modify the traditional letterform to develop your personal style and method of writing.

  • How to get out of your comfort-zone. 

Note:  There is a possibility additional hours for last assignment, depends on the whole class.

Dance with Spencerian

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