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Spencerian Foundation

/ Elegant Spencerian Basic




-- 4 Sessions for Live Class
(Total 12 hours)
-- 3 Sessions for Replay Class + 1 Sessions of Live Session

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About the Course

/ Pure Basic Beginner

Spencerian was developed by Platt. R. Spencer, the father of Spencerian Penmanship. This fun learning class is a simple class that will bring you the history of Spencerian script and  a new light in penmanship. It is an introduction to Spencerian history and its connection to its basic strokes and letterform.

Everyone can join this course, but it is recommended that you have already known the basics in pointed pen calligraphy. Beginner is absolutely welcome here. This class have been designed for any student who has just begun learning pointed pen calligraphy.

You will Learn

/ Elegant Spencerian Basic

  • The basic warm-up, exercises and warm-up, a short introduction of minuscule, majuscule and numbers in Traditional Spencerian Script 

  • A simple understanding in spacing and how to practice light shading in the basic strokes, the lowercase and the uppercase 

  • Variation of movement and rhythm 

  • How to develop a light hand, arm movement, consistency and how to practice it at home 

  • A simple introduction on how to create an elegant spencerian in an artwork.

Introduction to Spencerian

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