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The Blues & Jazz in Spencerian

/ Elegant Spencerian Improver




6 Sessions (Total 15 hours)

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About the Course

/ Intermediate - Advanced

Spencerian script and  penmanship is known for its arm movement writing. We will learn specifically about shading, spacing in the letterform and the transition of Roundhand to Spencerian and Ornamental Penmanship and how to write for Accuracy such as IAMPETH Certificate! Knowing the different types of proportions (not just from the books) and writing movements (not just the arm movements)!

This class is designed for intermediate to advanced students who have experience in Spencerian Script or for those who are planning to learn how to move your hand naturally in a flow with confidence to combine the letterform without hazzle especially in writing for accuracy.

A basic Spencerian knowledge will be helpful.

You will Learn

/ Elegant Spencerian Improver

Understanding the details of the shading, spacing in different writing strokes by analyzing the letterform of traditional Spencerian Script and transition to the Ornammental Penmanship, including: 

  • Historic hand and arm movements exercise.

  • The differences in writing movements, and analysing the strokes.

  • Learning the difference in pen and nib rotation in shading, variation and flourishes.

  • How to write words and sentences with natural flow, light hand for accuracy.

  • Refine the technique, spacing and the strokes in Spencerian.

  • Modify the traditional letterform to develop your personal style and method of writing.

  • How to get out of your comfort-zone and adding flourishes. 

  • Techniques of movement writing with natural ease.

  • How to practice the light hand and use your personal method to practice for fun.

  • How to modify the historic hand and adapt to the modern hand.

  • Shading and Spacing difference in the traditional Spencerian Script.

Notes: This is a separate class from the Spencerian Intensive class.

The Blues & Jazz in Spencerian
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