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The Swing in Vertical Penmanship

/ Elegant Spencerian Improver





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About the Course

/ Beginner - Intermediate

Traditional Spencerian Script is known for its slant in 52 degrees. This half fun learning study will bring you to another new level of Spencerian aside the Ornamental Penmanship that is famously acclaimed as Spencerian with flourishes. We will use the straight pen holder and arm movement writing to write this Vertical Edition of Spencerian.

It is recommended that you have already known the basics in Spencerian Script or have taken Spencerian classes from me or other teachers.

You will Learn

/ Elegant Spencerian Improver

  • Techniques in sitting positions for Vertical writing

  • Variation in hand & writing movements, writing positions and pen grips between the Vertical and Slanted.

  • The historic structures and evolvement in the script.

  • How to modify the 'soft angular turn' in the letterform for Vertical Penmanship.

  • The application of different writing movements.

  • Pen and nib tilting / manipulation in letterform.

  • Techniques of vertical movement writing with natural ease.

  • How to practice the light hand and use your personal method to practice for fun.

The Swing in Vertical Penmanship

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