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The Beauty From Outside The Box

Sometimes we need to see it from outside the box and from afar to see what is inside.

I made this in 2020, and it was an honour to be included as part of the tribute website for the Master Penman Brian Walker.

Looking back on how far I have come and what is the future may bring to me. From learning and following all the rules in a nerdy way to trying to break all of it, and how on earth I still manage to have a shop studio and do 3/4 of the interior design and projects with our four hands? I hurt my arms and fingers recently due to an excessive amount of handling all the paintings (there is a difference in holding a brush for wall/furniture painting and watercolour brush, apparently 😄) o well..

Long story short, many had asked me since I opened this account in 2015-ish how I enjoy and enjoyed every little thing that I do and not stress out on not creating something for the social media? Why does my life seem so good? The answer is: I don't work for social media 😂 I just post when I want to, and I don't create for the social media; I create for friends, clients, my class, my projects, and myself.

When I was a child, I didn't dream to be an astronaut or doctor or scientist (still admiring them), I was only dreamed to be an artist, to have a medium to express what I see and feel. So that's it, I enjoy all the process.

Regardless of methods and techniques, traditional or modern, I often ask my students if they enjoyed it and how they felt when they did it. How about you? Have you seen how far you have come? Did you like what you are doing?


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