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Short Term

Private Coaching Courses

A short session to help you to refine your script regardless your background in the calligraphy/penmanship

A private coaching course is a short-term class. It unlocks people’s potential to maximise their performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.’ – John Whitmore, 

In private coaching, a student may have taken some classes from other teachers.
We are focusing ONLY on a particular area of script/calligraphy which will help students to refine their skills with my method regardless of how they learned them previously.  

/ Subject Options

-- Movements Analysis --
(A combination between the traditional method and my method, differences of movements not just about the arm/finger/wrist movement, but also other types of movements).

-- Basic Strokes Analysis --
Choice of Minuscule's or Majuscule's Basic Strokes

(Learn the rules & analyse the basic strokes and elements, understanding the differences in several types of proportions both from the traditional books, and my method of analytical guide).

-- Minuscule letterforms Analysis --
Choice of short letterform/semi extended to loop letterform 

(Learn the rules & analyse through different methods including my method of practice than the book that I use in working on my script)

-- Majuscule Letterform Analysis --
Choice of 5-13 letterforms

(Learn the rules & analyse through different methods including my method of practice than the book that I use in working on my script)

-- Flourishing Theories and Analysis --
Choice of flourishing from letterforms or a stand-alone flourishing.

(Learn to refine the form using my method of analysis)

-- Writing, Spacing & Shading Analysis --

(Learn to analyse your writing based on my several methods of rhythms practice).

-- Design Analysis & Consultation --

(Learn to create a design, and understand how to elevate the design like a professional,
which can be a website, logo, or artwork.)

-- Wedding Calligraphy Stationery Consultation --

Learn how to bring your style into real work for clients.

-- Teaching as Professional Consultation --
Learn to bring the best of your style, and understand the key point based on your teaching style Goal

-- Painting/Gilding Techniques Studies --

Learn to work on painting techniques on how to elevate the techniques that you have known, and combine them with the technique that I have used to create my fine art painting.

/ Script Style Options

Spencerian, Roundhand, Engrosser's Script, Foundational Hand, Flourishing, Monogram, Modern Calligraphy, Wedding Calligraphy, Artwork design, Journaling, Vertical Penmanship.

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