The Script Styles

Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. The words itself came from the Greek word καλλιγραφία (which read ca-lli-gra-phia). It is a design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instruments brush, among other instruments. Contemporary calligraphic practise is "the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skilful manner." ​-- Check out the Script Style below!

I mainly focus on Pointed Pen Calligraphy for both modern and traditional Scripts, which include Spencerian Script, Engrosser's Script/Roundhand, cursive and Copperplate Style for the Private Course. Other seasonal classes (Festive Seasons creativity classes) are provided in my seasonal workshops or by request only. 


/ Calligraphy & Penmanship in Martha Scribes

 Martha Scribes is providing the very basic calligraphy knowledge for both traditional script and modern style through online private courses, workshops and commissions for individuals or corporate works.

Sharing is caring, that's what my folks had said. I would be more than happy to have the opportunity to share my calligraphy knowledge through private lessons, workshops, meetups and study groups both online and in-person in my studio.

Free Rare Scrapbook of Charles Donner, one of the Masters in Spencerian Golden age era, in a high-resolution scan from Master Penman Michael Sull is available for everyone to download.
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Nothing more beautiful and gives the intimate feeling to your closed ones than to create your personalized stationery for your events. Although some stationery may be digitalized and printed for the big events, Martha provide all handmade stationery starting from scratch by hand using traditional method just for for you from the best quality supplies that you can ever imagine.

These handmade designs and handwriting includes: General and Corporate Certificate, envelope addressing (for any occasions), logo designs, business cards, invitation suites, signage, and also the bits and pieces.

/ The Scripts Style

Below are the styles that I regularly teach and do for my clients.
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Spencerian Online Class, Calligraphy Course in Sydney
/ Elegant Spencerian Improver

Spencerian Vertical Edition (Vertical Penmanship)

A study in Spencerian Vertical Edition for Intermediate - Advance.

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Spencerian Online Class, Calligraphy Course in Sydney
/ Elegant Spencerian Style

Spencerian Twist

A fun Spencerian Variation for Beginning Intermediate - Advanced study, following the rules in Spencerian to create your Spencerian Style.

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